The Grand Affluence of Vatican Museums

01 Jun

The Vatican museum is dissented into various chambers, presenting a wide range or artworks, areas with various stories to tell to its visitors. For instance, the Egyptian museum which is typically found at the earlier part of the vatican private tours present a wide range of inscriptions mummies as well as Roman statuaries that dated back as far as the 1st century AD. In addition, you will be able to find seals from Mesopotamia, old ceramics, cuneiform tablets and bas-reliefs from Assyria.

It was Pope Pius VII who began the Chiaramonti of them, and it was divided into 3 secions: Galleria Lapidaria, New side or the Braccio Nuovo, and the Corridor or the Corridoio. Also, you can               find in the Corridor different reliefs, busts, sarcophagies and statues. In Galleria Lapideraia, there is an approximated 5000 inscriptions detailing a wide range of rituals, activities and beliefs of the early pagans and Christians. The Braccio Nuovo, on the other hand, you can see there the very famous group of Status and Nile of Augustus Prima Porta. Read more about this tour!

Maybe the Sistine Chapel is considered to be the most award-winning possession of the Vatican museums. It never failed to capture the hearts of millions of sojourners who just passed by the Vatican. It presents the barrel-vaulted ceilings, which is divided by a screen created from a marble. On the other hand, what really makes the place even more stunning are the various frescoes and artworks that are not only beautiful, but then again, also shows Christian stories like the lives of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and Moses too. The artworks were hypothesized and designed by Michelangelo for the pope during that time, Pope Julius II. It must have only showed the 12 apostles, but Michelangelo insisted and soon it presents the entire religious theme: the mankind waiting for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more about traveling at

The Vatican museums don't just hold pieces of artwork, on the other hand, also things that have been utilized by the pope for the past decades until now and this would include harnesses, carriages, and photos of processions that present berlins and carriages. In addition, you will see the first original automobile that was used by the popes through the years.

As you can see, those places are very stunning and are great places to go to. And there are still a lot of places to visit in Vatican city.

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